Will Kymlicka

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Liberalism, Community and Culture

Oxford University Press, 1989. Reprinted in paperback 1991. 280 pp.

Croatian, Russian, Macedonian, Chinese.

Liberalism is often described as a theory about the proper relationship between the individual and the state. But liberalism also contains a broader account of the relationship between the individual and society. Kymlicka here presents the liberal view about the nature and value of community culture in an unusually explicit and systematic way, and links it to more familiar liberal views on individual rights and state neutrality.

...essential reading for political and legal theorists and philosophers who are interested in real, urgent political issues...

Susan Moller Okin, Political Theory

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  1. Liberalism
  2. The Right and the Good
  3. Communitarianism and the Self
  4. Taylor's Social Thesis
  5. Marxism and The Critique of Justice
  6. Liberalism in Culturally Plural Societies
  7. The Value of Cultural Membership
  8. Equality for Minority Cultures
  9. Minority Rights and the Liberal Tradition
  10. Walzer and Minority Rights
  11. Communitarianism and Minority Rights
  12. Apartheid in South Africa
  13. Conclusion


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