Will Kymlicka

Ethnicity and Democracy in Africa

Edited by Bruce Berman, Dickson Eyoh, and Will Kymlicka, James Currey Publishers and Ohio University Press, 2004, 352 pp.

The politics of identity and ethnicity are resurgent. Civil society, whose revival was much vaunted, was riven by communal tensions particularly of ethnicity and religion. The contributors address questions such as: Why is ethnicity a political problem? How is the problem manifested? Which institutional models offer ways of ameliorating the challenges that ethnicity poses to democratic nation-building?

Table of Contents

  1. Bruce Berman, Dickson Eyoh and Will Kymlicka, "Introduction"
  2. Peter Ekeh, "Individuals' Basic Security Needs and the Limits of Democratization in Africa"
  3. Bruce Berman, "Ethnicity, Bureaucracy and Democracy: The Politics of Trust"
  4. Will Kymlicka, "Nation-Building and Minority Rights: Comparing Africa and the West"
  5. John Lonsdale, "Moral and Political Arguments in Kenya"
  6. Dickson Eyoh, "Contesting Local Citizenship: Liberalization and the Politics of Difference in Cameroon"
  7. Cheryl Hendricks, "The Burdens of the Past and Challenges of the Present: Coloured Identity and the Rainbow Nation'
  8. Jacqueline Solway, "Reaching the Limits of Universal Citizenship: 'Minority' Struggles in Botswana"
  9. Toyin Falola, "Ethnicity and Nigerian Politics: The Past in the Yoruba Present"
  10. E.S. Atieno Odhiambo, "Hegemonic Enterprises and Instrumentalities of Survival: Ethnicity and Democracy in Kenya"
  11. Shula Marks, 'The Dog that did not Bark or Why Natal did not Take Off: Ethnicity and Democracy in South Africa - the case of Kwazulu Natal"
  12. Githu Muigai, "Jomo Kenyatta and the Birth of the Ethnonationalist State in Kenya"
  13. Mamadou Diouf, "Between Ethnic Memories and Colonial History in Senegal: The MFDC and the Struggle for the Independence in Casamance"
  14. Bogumil Jewsiewicki and Leonard N'Sanda Buleli, "Ethnicities as First Nations' of the Congolese Nation-State: Some Preliminary Observations"
  15. Raufu Mustapha, "Ethnicity and the Politics of Democratization in Nigeria"
  16. Richard Simeon and Christina Murray, "Multi-Level Governance in South Africa"
  17. John Boye Ejobowah, "Liberal Multiculturalism and the Problems of Institutional Instability"
  18. Bruce Berman, Dickson Eyoh and Will Kymlicka, "Conclusion"